Fiscal database


Fiscal database allow for a simple, systematized and analytical account of fiscal and budget data such as: Budget of RM, amendments and supplements to the Budget of RM, periodic reports on the execution of the Budget of RM, closing balance of the Budget of RM, reports on the balance and management of public borrowing of RM and other important documents which are not available to the general public in a simple and open format which allows for a quick processing and monitoring. Some of the documents published in this section of the platform are documents publicly available in a closed format (pdf), while some of the documents are those which the Association ESE has collected in the procedure for free Access to information of public character. Databases can be downloaded in Excel format and are good for processing.

With this approach we aim to ensure that all interested citizens can monitoring the fiscal operations of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and to encourage their participation in discussions on current policies and trends so that they can be improved.

This database is not a substitute of the obligation of public institutions to be pro-active and disclose data on their fiscal operations which will allow for an easier access and use of data held and used by public institutions, while it will allow the general public to act as an instrument of correction of the existing practices and policies based on shared priorities.