EU - Liberties’ Media Freedom Report 2024: Freedom of the Press Reaching Breaking Point

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Media freedom and pluralism are flailing across Europe, and in some countries, are on their last legs. The European Media Freedom Act will bring some improvements, but on its own is not enough to rescue a struggling media landscape.

By Eleanor Brooks

April 29, 2024 - Liberties Media Freedom Report 2024 reveals that media freedom and media pluralism are close to breaking point in many EU countries, while in others, a near-total overhaul is required to address chronic, systemic issues with only a limited number of exceptions. The continued erosion of media freedom is evidenced by widespread harassment of journalists and governments restricting access to information. Meanwhile, heavy media ownership concentration and threats to the independence and finances of public service media contribute to a shrinking media plurality.

A diverse and free media environment is crucial for democracy because we rely on independent news outlets to hold our politicians accountable and keep us informed. The pattern of declining media freedom - which shows the overarching trends documented in last year’s report remain unaddressed - goes hand-in-hand with Europe’s democratic backsliding.

WUNRN – 08.05.2024